Spring Steel Wrapped Bushings MBI

MBI spring steel wrapped bushing is based on the spring steel plate, treated by quenching and rubbing technique. It is designed to replace the common bearing steel bushings. It has advantage as: mezzo hardness, higher capability for press load, good wear resistance performance and so on. And also, for sake of its instinctive elasticity of the material, the bushing could protect the shaft by buffering power when enduring very serious impacts.

Compared with the similar products abroad, our designing of the interface on the bushing is more scientific, easy to be assembled and fixed and also easy for the bushing to perform its advantage of elasticity adequately.

When pressed into the housing, the bushing will be fixed in the housing by its elasticity. Since the bore of the bushing is grinded, the tollerance range for it is very precise.

When the shaft is working, the bushing can adjust its position if the friction force is big. The equipment can be protected from been damaged by the bushing’s good anti-occlude performance with the shaft.

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