A new approach to the market of rolling bearings

After almost 20 years of experience in this field, we now know that innovative solutions are necessary for a market in constant and quick development, becoming increasingly selective and demanding. This is why we decided to supply high quality products – with warranties certified directly by our qualified international partners – which belong, though, to the production average range where clients choose on the basis of quality/price ratios.

Going beyond

For this reason, we do not “simply” choose suppliers and check their quality. We are aware that, even after verification by Italian technicians, the production of these components in developing countries is affected by many problems concerning quality and control: we decided to keep our traditional way of doing things and, once again, we chose High Quality solutions.

Our investment: the choice of “Made in Italy” Global Quality

Trust is good but it does not always pay. In agreement with our partner ORS, in 2006 we equipped our site based in Torri di Quartesolo – Vicenza – with four automatic lines for selection and control of rolling bearings coming from companies, chosen directly by us or by our clients, for which a reliable quality control is necessary.

Our laboratories

The following tests are carried out in Metal Bushings Italy SpA conditioned laboratories: destructive tests, rolling tests, noise tests, radial clearance, backlash and controls of several other parameters such as roundness, roughness and hardness, in agreement with standards ISO/DIN/UNI/AFNOR/JIS/GS.

“Made in Italy” Total Quality Controll

This is the key to thoroughly control all supplies and check standard parameters and parameters specifically chosen by our clients; the lots we supply are 100 percent checked and they are conform to the parameters agreed upon with and requested by our clients, even for small orders.
No matter which location and production site the bearings come from: this won’t be a problem for your company. The real quality control is “Made in Italy”.


Our machines can personalize each product, applying your company logo and codes to trace each piece, starting from production.

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