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Stud type track rollers Series CF and NUKR JMC

These are roller bearings with a thick outer layer driven on the shaft by rollers or needles kept together along the axial direction. This is useful for static loads and heavy loads at low or middle-high speed. Depending on the roller, the bearing has different applications: guide roller, cam roller. These bearings can be used in many different types of machinery: automatic machinery, specialized machinery, cam working assembly, various carrying facilities, systems to exchange tools in centering machines. CF (metrical dimensions) – CR (inches).

Yoke type track rollers Series NART JMC

Different types of non-separable track rollers are available: caged, to allow the roller to rotate freely at high speeds, or full complement needle rollers, in case heavy loads are taken at quite low speeds. The inner diameter can be 5mm or more and the NART…R is equipped with crowned outer ring. The interval of lubrication depends on working conditions but it can be 6 months to 2 years when it works with a retainer or 6 months when it works with stuffed needles. You may lubricate it through the lubricating hole and we suggest you lubricate it with lithium-soap grease, which has very good performances at high temperature. When assembling the bearing, the lubrication hole must be located on the opposite side of a load point. The hole is close to the JMC mark.

Yoke type track rollers Series NUTR JMC

The NUTR series is full complement needle rollers. The inner diameter starts from 15 mm (outer diameter 35mm). Two types of NUTR are available: they have different outer diameters, but the same inner diameter (i.e. NUTR 15-35, NUTR 15-42). NUTR.R has crowned outer ring, NUTR.SL has cylindrical outer ring. Since NUTR rollers are suitable for static and heavy loads and designed to face repeated impacts, they are non-separable. During assembly, position the lubrication hole on the opposite side of a load point.

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